"They Didn't See Us Coming": 10 Arrested In Gujarat For Playing PUBG

"They Didn't See Us Coming": 10 Arrested In Gujarat For Playing PUBG

Earlier this month, Rajkot Police issued a ban against the popular mobile gaming app - PUBG - in public citing the game to be addictive and harmful to the youngsters.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was banned in Rajkot and now the police have actually "booked" 10 people, six of them undergraduates, for playing PUBG. And the third man is a graduate student in search of a job.

The detained teenagers were taken into custody but later released with a warning, said Manoj Agrawal, police commissioner of Rajkot city in Gujarat.

The arrests occurred Wednesday in western Gujarat state, where local authorities enforced an outright ban on PUBG last week over concerns about its impact on the "behaviour, conduct and language" of those playing it.

On Wednesday, the Rajkot Special Operations Group arrested three people near the headquarters.

Our team caught these youths red-handed.

PUBG Mobile is a raging success in India, raking in millions of players and revenue for the makers of the game.

Police has registered two cases against the arrested individuals under IPC Section 188 for violating the notification issued by Police Commissioner and Section 35 for playing PUBG despite the ban under Gujarat Police Act.

Players had their phones seized for investigation.

That's all well and good, but perhaps we should acknowledge the larger crime committed by the police and state, in failing to note that the Momo challenge is bogus, and that year after year, studies have no shown there's no evidence to prove a link between violent games and aggressive behavior. A country that aims to grow its eSports scene is now arresting gamers for playing PUBG.

The level of stupidity and pointless actions from the Indian police is seeing a backlash from India's gaming community.

This begs the question, how can the worldwide gaming community express their distaste over this move from India?

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