'Solid hiring climate' expected for Burnaby, says employment agency

"The remaining seven per cent are unsure of their hiring intentions". The results suggest the city may see modest gains in employment in the short term. Moderate hiring activity is forecast for three regions with Net Employment Outlooks of +7%: Free State, Gauteng and Western Cape. This is the seventh consecutive year of double-digit hiring Outlooks in the US, according to the survey of more than 11,500 USA employers. Between those jobs and the latest Manpower survey, Borhot calls it a good scenario and says people are coming back into the workforce. Of the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas, the strongest job prospects are expected in Greensboro, NC; Denver; Indianapolis; Sacramento, Calif.; Albany, NY; Deltona, Fla.; and Madison, Wis.

"With seasonal variations removed from the data, Windsor's second quarter Net Employment Outlook of six per cent is a one percentage point increase when compared to the previous quarterly Outlook", says Rocca. In the Midwest (+20%), Northeast (+18%) and West, the Outlook is up a percentage point (+20%) year-over-year and up two percentage points in the South. Elsewhere, hiring plans remain relatively stable in Western Cape and are unchanged in Gauteng. With an average outlook of just +2% over the past year, the sector has recorded its least optimistic year since the depths of the financial crisis in 2009.

Western Canada had the lowest job outlook at seven per cent compared to Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Province-wide, Alberta can expect a nine pre cent increase in hiring. Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector employers report the strongest hiring intentions with a hopeful Net Employment Outlook of +17%.

"Statistics SA reported that in 2018, South Africa's agricultural exports grew by 7% year-on-year underpinned by increased exports of oranges, grapes, wine, maize, apples, wool, lemons, mandarins and pears". Industries showing the strongest growth include transportation, manufacturing, real estate, public administration and finance and insurance.

Meanwhile, Outlooks weaken in four sectors, including the Restaurants & Hotels sector with a decrease of 8 percentage points. The greatest optimism was seen in the sectors of construction, industry, transport, retail and wholesale commerce, as well as water, electricity and natural gas.

Employers in Indiana, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina and OR reported the strongest employment outlooks.

"The best candidates will often have the pick of a number of different jobs or temporary assignments at any one time; in a battle to attract and hold on to top talent, employers must ensure their salaries and benefits packages are in line with or exceed the trends in the region", Mr Greaves added.