Pound euro exchange rate ROCKETS to 22-month-high after Brexit 'changes'

  • Pound euro exchange rate ROCKETS to 22-month-high after Brexit 'changes'

Pound euro exchange rate ROCKETS to 22-month-high after Brexit 'changes'

SNP MPs have reiterated calls for a second referendum, saying that the time has come for May to accept that a new referendum is necessary.

Groups of MPs are preparing to test their versions of Brexit via a series of amendments if it is clear May's deal is doomed. The Irish backstop is the insurance policy that the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, will remain as it is, with no border checks.

Britain's Attorney General Geoffrey Cox says a revised divorce deal with the European Union has not given Britain legal means of exiting the so-called backstop arrangement unilaterally if "intractable differences" arise.

The advice echoes warnings from three of Britain's most senior experts in European and worldwide lawon behalf of the People's Vote campaign.

She said it was "time to pivot, not to dig in" and said the risk of extension was that May would "do more of the same, running round in circles on the backstop and running down the clock". Today we have secured legal changes.

After talks with European Union negotiator Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday evening, the prime minister said she "passionately believed" her Brexit deal addressed concerns raised by MPs.

On Tuesday MPs will again vote on the Prime Minister's deal.

HuffPost UK understands the DUP can not back May's deal in light of Cox's advice, and are likely to be followed by scores of Tory Brexiteers who have said they will be guided by the Northern Irish party.

Even if he changes his legal advice and endorses the new deal, May still has a huge task ahead to persuade enough members of her own Conservative Party to support her plan in Tuesday night's vote.

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said he had received legal advice overnight that the concessions announced by May late Monday don't "change anything".

The search for an exit deal that can successfully pass through parliament reaches its moment of truth on Tuesday.

Kinnock and his allies believe a short extension, of three months, would be sufficient to allow a common market-style agreement to be negotiated. A panel of euro-skeptic politicians will examine May's latest blueprint in detail, he said. If Members of Parliament (MPs) vote for a no-deal that means the United Kingdom will leave the bloc on 29 March without any rules of regulations in place to replace those that were in place during the membership of the EU. Ms May said the House of Commons will debate the improved deal on Wednesday.

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