Ontario to ban cellphones from classrooms during instructional time

  • Ontario to ban cellphones from classrooms during instructional time

Ontario to ban cellphones from classrooms during instructional time

Ministry of education officials, speaking on background, said students wouldn't be expected to lock up their phones and while enforcement will be hard, it will be left up to school boards.

Thompson says an official announcement on the policy will be coming out soon and the government will issue a directive to all school boards that's set to take effect in September.

"The notion that teachers are simply allowing inappropriate cellphone use at the moment is incorrect", he said.

And the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) even used to have a ban on cellphones, but lifted the ban in 2011 after student trustees argued that technology had become a pervasive part of student life, CBC reports.

The Ontario government is making major efforts to officially ban the use of all cellphones in the classroom.

Nova Scotia's education minister says the province won't ban cellphones in classrooms.

"We think that teachers have a handle on their classrooms already", Arthur said. The researcher for the Alberta Teachers Association said he doesn't think a ban will work.

The government said teachers and parents overwhelmingly supported banning cellphone use during telephone town halls and surveys conducted last fall, in which 97 per cent of the 35,000 respondents advocated for the move.

"Obviously for emergency purposes, for medical purposes and for specific courses that require technological platforms - they'd be permissible", Progressive Conservative MPP Stephen Lecce told CTV News Toronto.

"When the school day starts, the phones go off", one senior government source said. The board has previously said that enforcing an outright ban was next to impossible, and said that to curb technology use would be to place limits on educational opportunities as well.

"There are still fundamentals that teachers aren't able to perform their daily tasks of teaching [to] children because there are so many distractions in the classrooms", Kehoe says.

"We use technology quite effectively in our classrooms as much as we possibly can".

This isn't the first time such a ban has been in place. The improvements were largely seen among the students who were normally the lowest achieving.