Ninja reportedly paid $1 million to promote Apex Legends

  • Ninja reportedly paid $1 million to promote Apex Legends

Ninja reportedly paid $1 million to promote Apex Legends

Others claim the Flatline skin disappears as soon as they enter the game, but they still get the 1,000 coins and the Apex Packs.

Apex Legends has been a massive success for EA having surged to over 50 million players in a month, and the game is putting vast pressure on its battle royale rival, Fortnite.

With Apex Legends proving so popular, fans have been searching through the game files every time a new update is released.

Being two of the most popular streamers on Twitch and both having passed 100,000 subscribers at a point, it is not surprising that they were sought for their influence in the space and it certainly led to a large influx of players to the game.

"There's lots of stuff that has been datamined from Apex since launch and is swirling around the Internet", Frechette said. There's stuff in there that is very old, or things we've tried in the past and cut - remember our design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas - and some of it may be things we're still building for Apex Legends.

The unintentional update on the Origin page he's refrencing was posted by user Spliddo on Reddit.

Rumours have been churning around data-mined discoveries in Apex Legends, only to be quashed last night by developers Respawn Entertainment. Finding this stuff by no means confirms that it'll ever come out.

Thank you to everyone for staying patient through this and hang tight.

The screenshot shows a new Legend, Octane, along with new weapons and "unique loot".

"This was a really well coordinated poaching of the top influencers the likes of which has not been seen so far in esports", said Kevin Knocke, VP of ReKTGlobal, suggesting that EA had also roped in streamers better-known for playing other blockbusters like "Call of Duty" or "PUBG".