MLB, MLBPA Agree To Single Trade Deadline, Changes To Roster Size

  • MLB, MLBPA Agree To Single Trade Deadline, Changes To Roster Size

MLB, MLBPA Agree To Single Trade Deadline, Changes To Roster Size

Per the agreement, rosters will expand from 25 to 26 players, with a maximum of 13 pitchers allowed, from opening day until September 1.

Mound Visits: The maximum number of mound visits per team will be reduced from six to five.

Voting for the All-Star Game - this year's game will be held at Progressive Field on July 9 - will be conducted in two rounds.

For more info check out the Major League Baseball press release.

What will be in place this summer are a single July 31 trade deadline, an All-Star election day and a Home Run Derby with the game's biggest stars (both sides hope) vying for a $1 million bonus. An "Election Day" will then occur with the top three vote-getters at each position (nine for outfielders) from each League where fans vote on the All-Star Game starters.

Joint Committee: MLB and the MLBPA will form a joint committee to study other potential changes. Home Run Derby prize money will be increased to $2.5 million, including $1 million for the victor, up from the $725,000 total previous agreed to for 2019, of which $150,000 had been designated for the victor.

The All-Star Game also will be tweaked.

If the All-Star Game goes to extra innings, each half inning will begin with a runner on second base.

Major League Baseball on Thursday announced a series of new rule changes that might end up having a pretty profound impact on the sport moving forward, including a rule that will put even more emphasis on the July 31 trade deadline and All-Star voting. The victor of the Home Run Derby will receive $1 million. Players who have already been taken out of the game will be allowed to run.

That is the macro matter, an understanding between the sides to continue negotiations about items such as the slowed free agent market and service time manipulation. First, the "Primary Round" will have the team nominate one player per eligible position. Clubs can add a 27th player for doubleheaders. All clubs will be required to carry 28 players on the active roster as of September 1.

The big issue is whether the agreement made official Thursday provides a first step toward improved cooperation between Major League Baseball and the Players Association that leads to remedies on financial matters particularly worrisome to the union and the extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There will be a cap on the number of pitchers that teams are allowed to carry on the active roster, that will be determined by the joint committee. Although the union did not formally accede to the three-batter minimum per pitcher that MLB sought, it agreed not to challenge the league's plans to implement it in 2020. The 2020 season will then bring a new roster structure created to give more players a chance to shine, while lessening wear and tear on others. While a compromise could be reached in distributing more money to the younger players whom the current system underpays, the complications of doing so warrant a long runway for discussions.

The amount of days pitchers must spend on the Injured List increases from 10 for 15 days as does the minimum assignment period of pitchers optioned to the minors.