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Follow the White House press briefing

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is questioned by CNN's Jim Acosta during White House press briefing.

He reportedly told the crowd in a stream-of-consciousness speech that "he didn't understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days" and touted policies he has enacted to Israel's benefit, like the U.S. Embassy's move to Jerusalem. That's according to a person who heard the comment but spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the private remark.

Last week, House Democrats passed a resolution that broadly condemned hate, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, after a freshman Democrat, Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, made comments criticized as anti-Israel.

Sanders also declined to say whether President Trump is indeed "Individual One", as referenced in federal court documents.

Acosta asserted that Trump slamming the Democrats for hating Jews is "patently untrue".

The White House refused to voice "full confidence" in embattled Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta on Monday.

"Democrats don't hate Jewish people, that's just silly", Acosta said.

When asked for the third time on the matter, Sanders responded again by saying, "You ought to ask the Democrats".

"I think this issue of the president referring to Democrats as anti-Jewish. that's naturally going to dredge some old questions from his past", he continued. "He's going to make a deal if it's a good deal, if it's in the best interest of America, and if he doesn't feel like it's a good deal, it's not worth just signing a piece of paper", Sanders said. "Because, obviously, Sarah Sanders is not going to want to say something from the podium that might get her hauled into the special counsel's office". "It should be done the way the Republicans did it when Steve King made awful comments", Sanders said.

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 02: CNN reporter Jim Acosta reports from the briefing room at the White House, on August 2, 2018 in Washington, DC.

She added, "You know, why have a briefing?"

Since Trump's first remarks about Democrats and Jewish people on Friday, some Democrats have pushed back. "The president has been clear on what his position is, certainly what his support is for the people and the community of Israel".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asserted that Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic comments were just a different "use of words".