Cohn talks Trump administration chaos, tariff negotiations

Turning to Mr Varadkar, he said: "Leo, I'm sure you agree on that".

He also backed calls for the Brexit deadline to be extended, saying "they are probably going to have to do something". Maybe I should not let you do it. I regret that Brexit is happening and the United Kingdom was a really important part of the European Union. But the most important thing for us is that their decision to leave shouldn't cause any problems in Northern Ireland where people actually voted to stay and that we shouldn't have a hard border or anything to disrupt the peace process.

Instead, he said two economic hawks - trade adviser Peter Navarro and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross - skirted White House protocols to persuade Trump the tariffs were necessary. So far, the tariffs have not led to the President's desired reduction in trade deficits; instead, the Census Bureau said last week that the U.S. trade deficit had hit a 10-year high in 2018, growing by $69 billion.

The tariffs on steel and aluminum that Trump announced previous year set off cascading trade moves.

Donald Trump has criticized Theresa May's handling of the Brexit talks, while also saying the United States will stay out of Britain's negotiations over its exit from the European Union.

The Prime Minister has previously revealed that Mr Trump told her to "sue the EU" and "not go into negotiations".

"She didn't listen to that and that's fine but it could have been negotiated in a different manner".

British trade minister Liam Fox said Trump had shown his ambition for a trade agreement and he looked forward to sitting down at the negotiating table to strengthen the trading relationship. "I hate to see everything being ripped apart right now".

On the prospect of another referendum, he said: "I don't think another vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that won".