Android Q Dark Mode Arrives In Beta 1: Buggy & All But Broken

  • Android Q Dark Mode Arrives In Beta 1: Buggy & All But Broken

Android Q Dark Mode Arrives In Beta 1: Buggy & All But Broken

Since Google has engineered Dark mode to work with macOS' dark mode display options, it must be enabled by turning on your Mac's dark UI mode from the Apple system settings, rather than in Chrome itself.

According to a blog by Google, the new feature comes in to effect when the mobile network's effective connection type is "2G" or 'slow-2G, ' or when Chrome for Android estimates that the page load will take more than five seconds to load at the current network conditions and device capabilities.

There is, however, an enormous caveat to the new dark mode. Among the key changes brought by Chrome 73, it finally introduces dark mode for the browser's macOS version.

Google Chrome 73 has been released by Google and it adds Dark Mode support to the browser.

While previously you can download themes through the Chrome store to get yourself a DIY dark mode, the latest update will automatically turn your Chrome browser into dark mode if you've already enabled it in your Mac settings. That means Chrome will now match all of your other apps, although the one problem we can see is with regard to Incognito Mode. Meanwhile, "Lite" pages are marked to the left of the Omnibar with a blue speedometer icon and text. Signed HTTP exchanges and constructible style sheets are among the other features arriving with Chrome browser's latest build.

If you're a Windows user, Google says that there is an update in the works. The rollout of Chrome 73 is staged and will soon reach users on the aforementioned platforms.

Allow a few minutes for the browser to download Chrome 73. Additionally, automatic picture-in-picture mode optimisation for video in PWAs and the addition of a "Skip Ad" button in Picture-in-Picture window are among the new features that have entered testing with Chrome 73's arrival.