Climate strike call goes out

  • Climate strike call goes out

Climate strike call goes out

Last December school students across Australia, including in the Byron Shire, took matters into their own hands by taking part in the School Strike for Climate Action. Thunberg was inspired by student-led school walkouts in the United States calling for stricter gun control, and used the walkout model to call for more policies on climate change. "We can not teach on a dead planet".

Youth Climate Strike actions are planned worldwide. The reason? A lack of action on climate change.

In September, Thunberg began leading recurring student strikes every Friday, and urged other youth to do the same. There is also representation from a range of diverse disciplinary specialisations we need to draw on to tackle how we change the way we live to reduce climate change: from climate science, engineering, biomedical science, to music, art and product design, political science and ecology. Thousands of students have followed her example ever since.

I have been working with the Climate Leaders program to endorse the candidates that place a strong emphasis on climate change such as Oliver Yates of Kooyong and Zali Steggall of Warringah.

American teen Kate Anchondo, who is organizing a school strike in San Diego, California, said: "I am anxious, and angry that we let it get this far".

At the end of her talk, Greta says she's not going to end on a positive, hopeful note, like most TED talks.

Seventeen-year-old Jamie Margolin, the founder and executive director of Zero Hour, a group organizing the USA protests for the International Day of Action planned for March 15, told BuzzFeed that climate activism has given young women a chance to be heard.

Thunberg says even if young people put pressure on adults, it is up to world leaders to make changes now that her generation can inherit.

"Youth all over the world are rising in the millions to demand the world's nations protect our future, our Earth home, and the web of life that sustains us all", reads the Facebook event page, which is hosted by civil action groups Our Earth, Our Future; YouthForClimateCa; Rise and Resist; Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island; and Social Environmental Alliance.

Most climate strikers learn about the causes and dangers of climate change at school and it is their passion for their education that pushes them to take a stand on the issue. "Because if we don't get it, and no one does it for us, then we'll never get anything done".

She hopes it will bring "awareness to my fellow young people about what the issue really is and how serious it is for our future".