Woman Wins The Lottery 30 Times In One Day

  • Woman Wins The Lottery 30 Times In One Day

Woman Wins The Lottery 30 Times In One Day

The New York Daily News reports Deborah Brown accomplished the improbable feat after she bought 30 Pick-4 tickets with the same combination.

'A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers, ' she said. After the winning drawing on February 11, Brown took home a total of $150,000.

Now in its 30th year, the Virginia Lottery generates more than $1.6million per day for Virginia's K-12 public schools.

She said she just had a feeling.

A Virginia woman won the lottery 30 times in one day after purchasing 30 tickets that netted her $150,000.

"I almost had a heart attack", Brown told the Virginia Lottery.

The odds of matching all four numbers in order is 1 in 10,000 according to the Virginia lottery.

Deborah isn't the only lucky lottery victor to hit headlines lately - earlier this week, an unnamed person from SC won $877 million (£665m) in the US Mega Millions draw after kindly letting someone else go ahead of them in the queue in the KC Mart where the victor was bought.

Brown said she does not have "immediate plans" on how to spend her newfound fortune, but she is thinking long-term about using the money for home improvement projects.

The top prize for a $1 play is $5,000. Nothing like a bit of (almost) instant karma, is there?