Just how bad is Trump's new proposed budget?

  • Just how bad is Trump's new proposed budget?

Just how bad is Trump's new proposed budget?

Now White House is asking for $5 billion from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and another $3.6 billion in military construction funds from the Pentagon.

Unfazed, Trump is requesting $8.6 billion in the budget proposal and wanted another $3.6 billion to the funds he has diverted from military construction fund for the wall work using the national emergency powers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., signaled Sunday that this is a fight for them.

The budget also proposes a 5 percent cut in non-defense domestic discretionary spending, slashing $845 billion from Medicare and $241 billion from Medicaid over the next 10 years. In the words of Bernie Sanders, "We don't need billions of dollars for a wall that no one wants".

President Donald Trump's "Budget for a Better America" would slash roughly $846 billion from Medicare framework over the next 10 years, an HHCN review found.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of State, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of the Interior will all see large budget cuts.

"This budget dramatically expands the deportation force, surveillance dragnet, wasteful and harmful border wall and unjust immigration detention system".

Last year's White House budget - an annual exercise that usually is more wish list than actual harbinger - also endorsed the Medicaid block grant idea, assuming it would be part of an ACA repeal. "This is a clear roadmap for a fiscally secured future if Congress chooses to follow it".

Under Trump's proposal, the budget deficit is projected to hit $1.1 trillion next year - the highest in a decade. The budget text said it included proposals to help able-bodied adults enter the job market.

The Democratic chair of the House budget committee, John Yarmuth of Kentucky, called proposed cuts to essential services "dangerous" and said Trump had already added almost $2tn to deficits with "tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, and now it appears his budget asks the American people to pay the price". How does the president justify a lower figure? "For all the heartache caused by the loss of our troops during these wars, no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of our military than sequestration". "This is threatened by our unsustainable national debt, which has doubled under the previous administration and now stands at more than $22 trillion".

Russ Vought, acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, touted that the budget has "more spending reductions proposed than any administration in history".

The Trump administration says such tough choices will lead to a balanced budget, which it claims it would achieve by 2034.

"Congress has been ignoring the president's spending reductions for the last two years", explained Vought. That budget saw the deficit dropping to $442 billion in fiscal 2022.

Fair enough: President Trump's heartless and whackadoodle budget, released on Monday, will never actually become law. "House Democrats will reject this toxic, destructive budget request, which would hollow out our national strength and fail to meet the needs of the American people".

The budget also calls for the extension of individual tax cuts and makes them permanent.

For junior enlisted troops, the 3.1 percent pay raise would amount to $815 more a year, and for senior enlisted and junior officers, about $1,500 more a year, according to the Military Times.

"The president's dramatic cuts to the EPA come at a time when we've already seen a decline in the enforcement of federal environmental regulations", Kuster said.

"This irresponsible budget proposal eliminates vital support for numerous most vulnerable Americans", Kuster added.

However, Trump's concerns on cross border illegal migration have some new data to back up. "The Trump administration's budget would take our country backwards and weaken, rather than strengthen, our middle class".

The response by congressional Democrats and the media to the Trump budget has been to focus on the $8.6 billion request for the border wall-the issue that was the trigger for a 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government that ended in late January.