Missouri nurse 'fatally poisoned her husband to marry her inmate lover'

  • Missouri nurse 'fatally poisoned her husband to marry her inmate lover'

Missouri nurse 'fatally poisoned her husband to marry her inmate lover'

Police allege a Missouri prison nurse, intent on marrying an inmate, poisoned her husband with antifreeze before setting fire to their home in an effort to hide his murder, PEOPLE confirms.

Police say Murray was a nurse at a correctional center and was having a relationship with an inmate.

Police said the fire was set intentionally and autopsy results indicated that Joshua Murray died before the fire began, according to the Miller County Sheriff's Office. The charges stem from a fire at her Iberia, Missouri, home that the Missouri State Fire Marshall and Miller County Sheriff's Office determined she allegedly started. As an alibi, Murray said she found the house on fire when she returned and the smoke was too heavy for her to go inside, according to a probable cause statement.

But investigators said they found a McDonald's sandwich on the kitchen counter at the house in Iberia, which is about 140 miles (about 225 kilometers) southeast of Kansas City.

A Missouri prison nurse who had an affair with a lifer may now face a life sentence of her own.

The inmate, 40-year-old Eugene Claypool, has been jailed for more than 18 years in the deadly stabbing of a 72-year-old man.

Police discovered evidence that Murray had allegedly become romantically involved with an inmate: In phone conversations recorded by the prison, Murray allegedly said she wanted to marry the inmate, according to the statement. Hardwick, who couldn't walk without using a walker, won a $1.7 million Missouri Lottery jackpot in 1998.

Amy Murray faces charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Murray even reportedly talked about getting an attorney to try to get Claypool released early.

She added that she could marry Claypool because Joshua was dead and "out of the picture", the report said.

At the time, Murray was working as a nurse at the Jefferson City Correctional Center when she began having a "romantic relationship" with inmate Eugene Claypool, who was convicted in the 2000 stabbing death of a $1.7 million elderly lottery victor. During the calls, Murray allegedly told Claypool she didn't want to be around her husband anymore. She is scheduled for a bond reduction hearing February 13.