Apex Legends Helping Electronic Arts Fight Off Fortnite

  • Apex Legends Helping Electronic Arts Fight Off Fortnite

Apex Legends Helping Electronic Arts Fight Off Fortnite

It might be a bit early to call them Apex Legends pros since the game came out just a week ago, but these well-known battle royale streamers like DrDisrespect, Shroud, and TSM Myth will soon see if their practice has paid off.

But what we all really want to know is if and when Apex Legends will be available on Nintendo Switch.

Despite being a big-budget title from well-known gamemaker EA ("Madden", "FIFA", "Battlefield"), "Apex Legends", which this weekend dethroned video-game phenomenon "Fortnite" in a number of areas, launched without advertising.

The files make mention of a solo mode and two-person squads.

Diving into the code, dataminers have uncovered references to "solo" and "2-Man" squads that have not yet been unveiled by Respawn Entertainment. Many of them and other streamers have shifted over to Apex Legends since its release because of partnerships with Respawn Entertainment and because it's just a polished battle royale experience, and they'll do so once again on February 12th and February 19th during the Twitch Rivals tournaments.

Respawn has also promised new maps, although there's now no timeframe. Not everyone is thrilled by the potential addition however, as many cite teamwork and the dynamic of abilities as the main attraction to the title.

Naturally, plenty of Apex Legends players have already been asking for these modes to be introduced, and there has been plenty of chatter for and against the idea.

KitGuru Says: Alternatively, Respawn could use limited trial modes similar to Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in order to test the water rather than outright splitting the player base.

One thing that is for sure is that Apex Legends will be supported with new content in the coming weeks and months.