Measles case confirmed in Metro Vancouver

  • Measles case confirmed in Metro Vancouver

Measles case confirmed in Metro Vancouver

However, 19.9 million children were under-vaccinated in 2017, four out of six regions experienced significant measles outbreaks and several countries and one region lost their measles elimination status.

Almost all of the measles cases have been diagnosed in patients who were never vaccinated against the virus.

"This is equivalent to a 500 percent increase, compared to just 32 confirmed cases in 2018", Health Secretary Francisco Duque said in a statement.

Washington state has been facing a measles outbreak with more than 50 cases. "We also provide technical assistance to improve coverage of routine immunization and supplemental immunization activities and improve public awareness on measles vaccination", Rees said.

In Toronto, public health authorities last week warned that some travellers through Pearson International Airport on January 27 may have been exposed to measles. Population immunity can be achieved by 95 percent or higher coverage and outbreaks prevented, Unicef said.

According to data released by the World Health Organisation last Thursday (February 7), the total number of people infected with the measles virus in Europe in 2018 was the highest this decade.

The mandatory basic immunization for all infants and children provided under RA 10152 covers measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases such as Tuberculosis; Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis; Poliomyelitis; Mumps; Rubella or German measles; Hepatitis-B; and H. Influenza type B (HIB). This has left increasing clusters of susceptible individuals unprotected and resulted in record numbers being affected by the virus. The Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe were particularly hard hit, with the Western Pacific being the only region to register a drop in measles cases.

"So it is clear in the law that we need to mobilize the entire government machinery, as well as our partners in the health sector, to inform the public that immunization is provided for free by the government, that it is safe, and that this is needed to protect the lives and health of children all over the country", he said.

"All three of the recent ACT measles cases were linked to overseas travel - either directly, or as secondary case", the spokesperson said. "When the rash appears, a person's fever may spike to more than 104° Fahrenheit (40° Centigrade).After a few days, the fever subsides and the rash fades". "This is a timely reminder for Canberrans to ensure their vaccinations are up to date", Dr Coleman said. In particular response to the current measles outbreak, PPS and PIDSP also now recommend pediatricians to administer the first dose of measles vaccine to infants starting at the age of 6 months instead of the usual 9 months as recommended in the country's Childhood Immunization Schedule. Anyone born in or after 1966 who has not previously received two measles-containing vaccines is eligible for free MMR vaccine.

The CDC advises having two doses of the measles (or MMR) vaccine. "This can be obtained from ACT GPs".