Which Alliance of American Football team should Bears fans root for?

  • Which Alliance of American Football team should Bears fans root for?

Which Alliance of American Football team should Bears fans root for?

The Alliance of American Football kicked off its inaugural season on Saturday night.

The new spring professional league debuted Saturday night and lived up to the hype.

The AAF is a brand new eight-team league which will not only showcase local and developing talent, but it will complement the NFL during the offseason. Well, it's a professional football league founded by producer and director Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, the longtime general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.

Consider this the Bears fans' guide to hopping on the bandwagon and picking an AAF team to root for. Marshall finished with five targets and could have had more if the game did not get out of hand. Some of those changes are that there are no kickoffs or extra points - teams must always go for two after a touchdown- the play clock is 35 seconds instead of 40 seconds and there are no television timeouts.

There are many big names in the coaching staff throughout the league like Steve Spurrier, Mike Riley, and Mike Martz. The game was vintage Spurrier, with a mic catching him delivering the play call to the quarterback with the conclusion: "Tell him to catch it this time".

"Our games have been reimagined to be faster, with fewer commercials and more action", said Waddell. Here's a look at what's to come in Week 2 of the Alliance.

The AAF has already found multiple broadcast partners for the 2019 season.

The first game of next weekend will be televised nationally on TNT Saturday afternoon. Eastern. Over on ABC, the National Basketball Association game drew 2.524 million viewers during that time slot, although ESPN said the ABC broadcast peaked with a 3.2 rating around 11 p.m.

If you get a chance to catch a game, you should.

According to TVByTheNumbers, almost 3.2 million people watched the pregame and 2.91 million stuck with the broadcast for the actual action between the Orlando Apollos vs. Atlanta Legends and the San Antonio Commanders vs. San Diego Fleet. The Express are led by head coach Mike Singletary, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker will be looking to mold Memphis' defense to his liking. Orlando will be able to enjoy this victory for a day or two before starting to prepare for a road game against the San Antonio Commanders.