TSA: 11 firearms a day confiscated at US airports in 2018

  • TSA: 11 firearms a day confiscated at US airports in 2018

TSA: 11 firearms a day confiscated at US airports in 2018

That's an average of almost 12 firearms a day - representing a 7 percent increase over 2017.

Firearms were intercepted at 249 of the 440 federalized airports throughout the USA with more guns confiscated at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with 298 - 253 of which were loaded - than any other airport.

Last year, the Transportation Security Administration discovered a record number of firearms in carry-on bags at 279 airport checkpoints around the country.

The 2018 firearms discoveries amount to 81.6 guns per week trying to get through security, or 11.6 firearms per day.

Two Florida airports made the list of the top airports with guns found by TSA officers. What is more, 1,432 of the firearms had a round in the chamber. Orlando International Airport was the fifth worst offender in 2018 with 123 firearms found, 112 of which were loaded.

However, TSA also noted that a record number of travelers passed through airports in 2018, with 813.8 million people going through security screening. "I think that everybody in TSA is troubled by it", Pekoske said.

'I'm just going to guess here: I think more people are just simply carrying weapons in the country and we reflect what we're seeing around the country, ' TSA administrator David Pekoske told CBS News. Before you hit the first person in line, just take a quick look through your bag'.

The Atlanta airport, which saw an increase of 53 guns seized from the year before, also set the record for most guns confiscated at one airport in a single month in August with 32.

CBS reviewed police records from seven airports in 2017 and found at least three cases where guns appeared to have gotten through security. Agents seized 4,239 guns at over 200 airports across the United States. "Anything resembling an explosive item is prohibited in carry-on and checked bags". 'We do everything we can to figure out why it happened'. TSA shared pictures of smoke grenades, lighter fluid, fireworks, replica mortar shells, concealed knives and foil-wrapped scissors found in checked and carry-on bags.