Anupam Kher Says in Support of Manikarnika Star

  • Anupam Kher Says in Support of Manikarnika Star

Anupam Kher Says in Support of Manikarnika Star

Singling out Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan, she said at a press interaction that she has had enough of Bollywood ganging up against her for her outspokenness, and vowed to "expose" each and every one of them. In a recent media interaction, the actor slammed her industry colleagues saying that nobody supports her despite the fact that she has acclaimed a lot of their films and performances.

While Kangana Ranaut is getting shade from a handful of people in Bollywood, the fierce actor just won praises from the flag-bearer of the MeToo movement in India, Tanushree Dutta.

Tanushree Dutta has voiced her support for Kangana Ranaut, who has been calling out the film fraternity for allegedly ignoring her latest film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She also hoped that Kangana doesn't hold it against her. If I have upset her unintentionally, then I don't know. "They have formed a gang, 'Why did she speak on nepotism?'"

"I would like to react to her personally if she has any complaints".

She added, "Alia (Bhatt) sent me the trailer of Raazi and said, "Please watch it". "I suggested that she grows some spine and supports an important film about woman empowerment and nationalism. if she doesn't have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo's (Karan Johar) puppet then I don't consider her successful". She called Kangana an "A++ actress" in a new interview. Basically, it wasn't my intention. As Kangana has been a straight forward and strong opinionated girl, she says what she feels in her heart.

"Hope she understands the true meaning of success and her responsibilities".

Anupam Kher has come out in support of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi star Kangana Ranaut.

Kangna had expected the same reaction from Alia, but failing to receive the same treatment she came down harsh on her.