Ontario gov't reports health document leak to OPP; employee fired

  • Ontario gov't reports health document leak to OPP; employee fired

Ontario gov't reports health document leak to OPP; employee fired

The Ford government indicated that the document obtained by the NDP was merely a draft legislation, but in a news release sent out by the NDP on February 4, the party stated that it has obtained internal government documents that detail a finished plan that already has cabinet approval.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the remaining government documents related to the health care overhaul on Monday morning.

But the NDP says the "internal government documents" released on Monday appear to be government presentations, and include references to cabinet approving the plan and appointing board members.

Gill raised concerns about the plan's impact on patient care and said the government is creating a "Titanic without a lifeboat".

A new structure for health care in Ontario is laid out in a January 22 briefing document.

Both sets of leaked documents show the government is creating a health "super agency" that would be in charge of managing health services, quality improvement, patient relations, digital health and tissue donation and transplants, among other responsibilities.

Horwath said the changes would give the PC government "unprecedented power to farm out" services to private sector entities.

The documents also reference outsourcing services such as laboratories - many of which are already privately run - inspections, and the province's air ambulance service.

"How can it be, when you've got health-care providers at the front line, working the system now which is struggling, and yet there's been not consultation or discussion about what seems to be a grand plan", McKenna told CTV News Toronto.

In the documents obtained by the NDP, Ford's plan outlines a new type of organization, called MyCare Groups, to oversee the delivery of a number of frontline health care services that are now under the umbrella of the LHINs.

The NDP leader said the contracts would be won through a bid system, which will have "expression of interest" due in March, if the legislation were approved.

Another document lists risks in the plan, including "service disruption and capacity to manage and oversee (local health integration network) functions during transition period", as well as potential labour disruption with unionized care co-ordinators at the networks.

A report from an Agency Review Project Team Meeting - dated January 17 - identifies the risk as service disruption during the transition period and potential labour disruption with "unionized LHIN-employed care coordinators".

Horwath said that calling in the police amounted to "threats" from the premier.

"The Wynne Liberals left our world-class health care system hanging by a thread". "As we bring forward desperately needed and overdue change to health-care in this province, Ontarians will continue to access reliable, public health-care". "We need to expand Canadian medicare - not let Doug Ford break it apart".