USA air travel concerns surface as gov't shutdown drags on

  • USA air travel concerns surface as gov't shutdown drags on

USA air travel concerns surface as gov't shutdown drags on

"The loss of officers, while we're already shorthanded, will create a massive security risk for American travelers since we don't have enough trainees in the pipeline or the ability to process new hires", American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) TSA Council President Hydrick Thomas said.

The air traffic controllers are also organizing a leafleting effort appealing directly to passengers at airports across the country, including in Dallas Atlanta, Seattle and Portland, Ore., as well as at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, a union official said.

Even before the shutdown, controllers have been working six-day weeks and 10-hour days at numerous country's busiest airports, NACTA's president Paul Rinaldi said, adding: "This staffing crisis is negatively affecting the National Airspace System, and the shutdown nearly certainly will make a bad situation worse".

'America wants its air traffic controllers to be laser-focused on landing planes safely and monitoring America's runways, not distracted by financial issues and anxiety of financial instability, ' the union said in the lawsuit.

Fuming employees posted pictures of the $0 pay stubs on Twitter and vented their frustration as the standoff entered its 21st day. A almost equal number of federal workers are not deemed "essential" and have been placed on temporary leave, and their absence is affecting some functions ranging from FAA inspections of aircraft to CBP interviews with applicants for Global Entry status.

If the shutdown continues until Saturday, it will mark the longest in American history.

Shuker said he's not confident the crisis will end soon, and blamed President Trump for failing to make "rational decisions" in his negotiations with congressional Democrats over a border wall. He's treating them like the countless contractors he stiffed throughout his business career'.

Roughly 420,000 federal employees were deemed essential and are working unpaid.

An additional 380,000 are staying home without pay.

Union officials said some TSA officers have already quit because of the shutdown and many are considering quitting. "'Tex" Alles wrote in a memo seen by Reuters.

"This is a matter of safety, security, and economic concern", said the Association of Flight Attendants, which held a protest in the capital Washington on Thursday along with other aviation sector unions, to demand the resumption of normal services.

From custom and border protection officers to TSA agents, to air traffic controllers, metro Detroit workers are feeling the heat. Now employees have become protesters - demanding the government reopen.