Logan Paul Gets Dragged For Saying He's "Going Gay For A Month"

  • Logan Paul Gets Dragged For Saying He's

Logan Paul Gets Dragged For Saying He's "Going Gay For A Month"

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul has found himself at the center of yet another controversy, after announcing his intentions to "go gay" as part of his New Year's resolution.

Paul caught hate after he revealed during his Impaulsive podcast Wednesday that he and co-host Mike Majlak have a freakish resolution for the month of March, as first reported by E!

"Dear Logan Paul and any ignorant, hurtful fool, You can't 'go gay for a month.' Being gay is not a choice".

One year after his huge Suicide Forest scandal that almost ended his career for good, Logan is once again infuriating people online.

Commented another person: "I can't believe logan paul is going to be "gay for a month" like it's some sort of trend. i'm disgusted".

"January is sober vegan January", Paul continued.

When the conversation gets back on course, "Big Mike" resumes their 4-month plan by insisting upon Day 1 provisions of steak, big bottles of Tito's and shit, before they "turn their leaf".

"What is it, male only March?" "We're going to attempt to go gay for just one month", explained Paul; "and then go back", Majlak quickly added, as if to head off any speculation that he might actually be gay. His fans were mostly confused, some downright hateful, meanwhile the actual LGBTQ community was both confused and honestly just kind of wishing he'd just go away instead of "going gay". Ultimately, the notion that Paul and "Big Mike" could "Go Gay" just for the hell of it, invariably fell into the wrong hands. "Grow up Logan Paul". "Content Specialist" may very well overtake "Canceled" and "Woke" as seemingly positive expressions with little to no value whatsoever.