Is this the world's steepest street?

  • Is this the world's steepest street?

Is this the world's steepest street?

Residents in Harlech believe Ffordd Pen Llech is the street with the sharpest incline on the planet.

And if the measurements stand up, this is a bigger the 35 per cent gradient of Baldwin Street in New Zealand, which now holds the Guinness World Record for being the steepest in the world.

Measurements are being taken on Ffordd Pen Llech and will be submitted to Guinness World Records, with a decision expected later this month.

The street is one-way and only allows traffic to descend the hill, a restriction that is thought to thwart cyclists from attempting the gradient. "We would have to change signage around the street and reprint a lot of brochures around town", wrote Joseph on Facebook.

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull said the street had faced challenges before and had promptly "seen them off".

A Welsh challenge to Dunedin's claim as the home of the world's steepest street has begun.

Baldwin Street in Dunedin draws in thousands of tourists a year since being crowned the steepest street in the world by Guinness World Records, with an exhausting 1:3 gradient.

Seemingly aware of the battle the Welsh village would have on their hands Mr Headley added: "We suspect they are steepening the street".

Ffordd Pen Lech lies within Snowdonia National Park and is close to the grand Harlech Castle.

We feel exhausted just thinking about walking up it. "It may not be the only record they lose this year (referring to the Rugby World Cup in September)".

One of the men tasked with surveying the claim, Myrddyn Phillips, told the Otago Daily Times he and two others would start assessing the claim that the street had a steeper gradient than Baldwin St today.

Guinness measures the record by maximum gradient over a ten metre span, comparing the vertical rise to the horizontal distance.

New Zealand's super-steep street has become one of the city's top tourist spots - so much so, that in 2016, Baldwin St had a public toilet installed, to ease the strain on nearby business which had dealt with a stream of tourists asking to use their loos.

Pen Ffordd Llech checks both boxes.