Google Board Sued for Andy Rubin Sexual Harassment Coverup

  • Google Board Sued for Andy Rubin Sexual Harassment Coverup

Google Board Sued for Andy Rubin Sexual Harassment Coverup

"In this way, Alphabet and the Board were able to maintain optics and superficial compliance with its code of conduct, internal rules, and laws regarding sexual harassment".

In November previous year, news reports of the continued employment of other male executives accused of sexual harassment at Google led to an employee walkout.

Now, an Alphabet shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the Google board for doling out the $90-million severance package to Rubin and protecting other executives accused of sexual misconduct, Bloomberg reported.

Rubin was also "alleged to have engaged in human sex trafficking": in an October 2018 lawsuit brought by his ex-wife, Rie Rubin, she claimed that Andy Rubin had multiple "ownership relationships" with several highly paid women.

The lawsuit comes during a period of prominent figures in industries ranging from politics to entertainment being toppled by revelations of sexual harassment or sexual assault. High-profile venture capitalists like Chris Sacca and Dave McClure have been unseated, as well, over sexual harassment allegations.

Another day, another anti-Google lawsuit - this time over claims Alphabet, adtech monolith Google's holding company, "failed to take meaningful steps to address a pervasive culture of harassment and discrimination". He resigned from Google in 2016 after reportedly being accused of sexually harassing a female employee in a different department at Google. While Google claimed that it had "asked" Rubin to resign in the wake of the allegations, it did its bit to hush up the incident and make his exit look amicable.

The lawsuit accuses the board and executives of breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, abuse of power and corporate waste.

The New York Times reported that Rubin was one of two male executives who received generous exit packages despite having "credible" claims of sexual misconduct against them.

The legal action is believed to have been prompted by the way that Google handled misconduct claims made against former Android boss Andy Rubin and former search head Amit Singhal.

Two lawsuits, including one from shareholder James Martin and another from the Northern California Pipe Trades Pension Plan and Teamsters Local 272 Labor Management Pension Fund, were filed on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The walkout's organizers said more than 20,000 full-time workers and contractors participated in the November 1 protest.

News of the payout ignited unprecedented outrage among Google employees, thousands of whom staged a global walkout to demand change. "We have all the evidence we need that Google's leadership does not have our best interests at heart", they said.

Google did not respond to Ars' request on Thursday evening for comment.