FINAL DESTINATION Being Rebooted With SAW Writers

  • FINAL DESTINATION Being Rebooted With SAW Writers

FINAL DESTINATION Being Rebooted With SAW Writers

According to THR, New Line is rebooting the series, or at least "re-imagining" it, with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton on board to write.

A sixth entry into the series has always been discussed, given the surprise critical success the fifth installment proved to be and the large financial success of the latter two films, but developmental delays and seemingly lack of initiative from the studio has kept fans in the dark as to if and when the franchise would ever return to the big screen. The "Final Destination" franchise is one of the longest running at New Line, where horror is a specialty. For my money, it's still one of the best ideas for a high concept horror franchise... well, ever.

New Line's most successful recent movies have been in the relatively low-priced horror genre. Those include the adaptation of Stephen King's "It", which hit $700 million in worldwide box office, and in the "Conjuring" universe, which has seen five films deliver $1.6 billion cumulatively in worldwide box office since 2013.

Melton and Dunstan won "Project Greenlight" Season 3 and are best known for writing four of the "Saw" movies (movies four to seven). While the fun of the Final Destination films is built around the increasingly intricate and absurd Rube Goldberg-like ways Death comes hunting for its survivors, it was never quite a a so-called "torture porn" franchise and lacked the sadistic bent that defines a lot of Melton and Dunston's previous works. Hopefully, the duo will channel their knack for creative kills into something that feels at home in the unique tone of the Final Destination franchise.

Reddick, originally wrote the script for an episode of TV series "The X Files", but later made a decision to turn the script into a feature-length film at the behest of one of his New Line Cinema colleagues.