Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX's Very Shiny, Somewhat Wrinkly Starship

Elon Musk has shared the first photograph of the Starship, the latest spacecraft being developed by his space exploration company, SpaceX.

The test rocket, which resembles a shiny silver bullet, just wrapped up its assembly stage at SpaceX's Texas-based launch site.

Originally called the BFR - which stood for either "Big Falcon Rocket" or "Big F*cking Rocket", depending on what version of Musk's naming scheme you preferred - Musk announced he was officially changing the name to "Starship" not long ago. It will hop, so to speak, around 16,400 feet into the air and then land again, according to documents filed with the FCC. Despite this high-tech promise, fans will have to wait for this concept to become a reality, since the Starship is just a test rocket for now. This time around, he's referencing Hergè's classic Tintin cartoons, as well as 1950s sci-fi classics like Destination Moon,. But eventually, the company hopes this is the machine that'll form the basis of future missions to the moon and Mars.

The rocket and space systems consist of two parts: the Starship - the spacecraft or the upper stage, and the Super Heavy - the rocket accelerator (the more powerful analog of the first stage, the Falcon 9). Reflecting on the design on Twitter (where else?), Musk commented that it "must be more pointy".