'90 Day Fiance' figure accused of attacking husband in Vegas

  • '90 Day Fiance' figure accused of attacking husband in Vegas

'90 Day Fiance' figure accused of attacking husband in Vegas

Update: Larissa's video (partial above) seems to suggest that there was a fight between Larissa and Colt which became physical. This isn't the first time Larissa has spoken publicly about the negativity she's found in her marriage. Over the course of the entire show, Colt and Larissa have been in the radar of viewers due to their spat after marriage. Other marks made her face look entirely red.

When the police inspected her body, however, the cuts and bruises were not consistent with the kind of injuries she claimed. The post has been deleted but was screenshotted and shared by 90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates. People from all over the world have been watching the drama unfold on their screen as the couples go on and off with their relationship.

In her Instagram story, she wrote, "Unfortunately Colt called the cops". Dos Santos Lima and husband Colt Johnson are featured on on the TLC show "90 Day Fiance".

In the videos, she also claimed that the reason for the fight was because Johnson purchased a porn video, later posting the receipt on her now-deleted Instagram account.

Colt broke his silence yesterday, accusing Larissa of making up lies about him and vowing to have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The police drove to the home of Lima's friend where she was staying, and she told them Jonhson assaulted her. Photos were taken of her there, including one of countless scratches on her side and the scratches left on her face.

The same day his wife, Larissa, 32, got arrested for domestic violence against him - her third arrest since July, Colt officially filed for divorce. Thank God, this life of abuse and manipulation is over.

Yate's repost of the Instagram story claims he was contacted by Larissa's friend, Carmen, who shared Larissa's arrest.

Us Weekly confirmed that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sent officers to their house outside of Vegas on 10th of January, Thursday.