Video shows bus driver rescuing young child

Irena Ivic, a driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System, was stunned when she saw a young child running barefoot down a highway overpass on the morning of December 22.

An on-duty bus driver in Milwaukee knew what she had to do when she saw a young boy when a baby wandering around alone near busy streets. He was wearing just a onesie and a diaper.

Ivic, who will be honored Thursday by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, spotted a boy alone on a freeway overpass near 4th and Mitchell.

The temperature was below freezing and Ivic knew she had to stop her bus and save the baby boy, who was less than 1 year old, MCTS said.

A Wisconsin bus driver is being recognized for her heroic actions.

In the video, Ivic, a mother of two, can be heard saying, "I'm shaken".

The baby girl was unharmed.

Another passenger brought her jacket up to the front of the bus to help the boy warm up. He said he believes his wife, who he says has a mental illness, took the baby to the church just across the freeway and forgot about her. Authorities said the child was cold and frightened, but otherwise OK. Authorities eventually reunited the boy with his father.

MCTS drivers have found nine lost or missing children in recent years, according to their website.