Don't Expect Chris Jericho To Return To WWE Anytime Soon

  • Don't Expect Chris Jericho To Return To WWE Anytime Soon

Don't Expect Chris Jericho To Return To WWE Anytime Soon

However, with Jericho's history, he could always be trolling. Because a lot of people don't know don't know Kenny, or Cody, or the Bucks.

I think it's the same with [AEW] and having a legit legend. "I can go there too'".

"I guess it is kind of doing this my way and not being afraid to try different things and not being afraid of change I guess which I think is the number one enemy of guys in this job, being scared to take a chance and try something new and do something different". The legendary guy, Chris Jericho, is there and still super relevant, and people were saying, "The hottest free agent in the business". I don't think there's anybody else that could've gone there that had that same kind of affect. If you brought a Hulk Hogan there, people would be like, "Oh, this is just a retread".

Goldberg hasn't been seen in the ring since 2017, when he closed out his short stint in WWE, where he captured the Universal Championship for the first time before dropping it to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. "If Jericho went there, this is real, '" said Jericho.

There are many that are hopeful that AEW will succeed as they are being backed a billionaire owner in Tony Khan, who is a huge wrestling fan and is "ready to spend all the money he needs" to make the promotion successful.

With Jericho joining AEW, that nearly certainly means that he won't be returning to WWE anytime soon. I think most people would say, "Yeah, he'll talk to other places, but he's probably going to end up in WWE". There is also said to be a "wait and see" attitude regarding if AEW will be a success long-term. And with all of the matches that I did this year, and there were 5 - 4 in New Japan and 1 on the cruise, were all great matches and they were different, and they all had very smart elements to them.

While talking about a potential TV deal for All Elite Wrestling, Jericho also made an interesting comment in regards to Kenny Omega's future.