Apple to release three new iPhones amid struggling sales

  • Apple to release three new iPhones amid struggling sales

Apple to release three new iPhones amid struggling sales

The new line-up will include a successor to the iPhone XR that will be a cut-price version of the device featuring an LCD screen, the Wall Street Journal reported. That led Apple to aggressively market the iPhone XR on its website for $449, about $300 less than its official sticker price. The iPhone XS Max is the largest handset Apple has ever launched with a 6.5-inch screen.

Apple plans to continue with LCD model as the device has been in the production pipeline for months, the report said. And the word on the street is that the Cupertino, California based company is planning to launch three new iPhone models this year. Are you disappointed that only the most expensive iPhone (presumably, the XI Max) will get a triple camera, while the others are likely to stick with a dual camera setup?

The iPhone 11 version of the iPhone XS Max, which may be called the iPhone 11 Max, is tipped to have three cameras on the back, but the bigger camera module won't also be available on the smaller iPhone 11 model. Currently, the iPhone XR is the only model that doesn't have 3D Touch and instead has Haptic Touch, a feature that uses long-display presses and haptic feedback to evoke new actions. Mr Cook also acknowledged that consumers in other markets are not buying as numerous latest iPhones. It's not clear from the reports what Apple's purported third lens would bring to the table - although it may relate to Apple's AR ambitions. And even though Apple is already struggling to sell the lower-priced LCD-display equipped iPhone XR, this year will once again see a budget model kitted out with an LCD display being released.

Offering what sound like iterative updates in 2019 could prove to be a controversial decision on Apple's part. It is, however, planning to put OLED panels for the cheaper iPhone models next year, which will unify the displays across all its iPhones for 2020.