U.S. acknowledges threat to Turkey from terrorists, Pompeo says

  • U.S. acknowledges threat to Turkey from terrorists, Pompeo says

U.S. acknowledges threat to Turkey from terrorists, Pompeo says

To do so, Turkey would vet the Syrian Kurds who fought with the US against ISIS and include those "with no links to terrorist organizations in the new stabilization force", Erdogan wrote."Only a diverse body can serve all Syrian citizens and bring law and order to various parts of the country", he wrote.

The Pentagon has struggled with how to implement the president's order.

Instead, Erdogan went on television and chastised America's national security adviser.

The United Nations envoy for Yemen held talks on Tuesday with the country's president, as he sought to shore up a truce in key port Hodeidah.

Washington has repeatedly said its Kurdish allies will remain safe despite the withdrawal. It has threatened to launch operations across the Euphrates into areas now under the control of the YPG and its allies.

On Monday, Erdogan published an opinion article in the New York Times saying the Turkish government has "no argument with the Syrian Kurds."He called for a "stabilization force" in Syria that would be created by Turkey. It's important. We will continue at that". Islamic State militants are still waging insurgent attacks in the north of the country and trying to make a comeback, although they were driven from all towns and cities a year ago.

His comments come one day after Mr Erdogan lambasted the U.S. for suggesting that Ankara needed to guarantee the safety of Kurdish groups in Syria before Washington would withdraw its forces.

On the other side of the ledger is America's honor, its level of trustworthiness and respect in the world, its ability to enlist allies in future fights against terrorism, and its ability to make sure ISIS is well and truly crushed in Syria. The Kurds control a swath of northeastern Syria, Washington's foothold in a conflict that has drawn in Russia, Iran, Turkey and other regional powers.

And moving former fighters to the United States poses some of the same challenges the US has faced with men detained at the military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, including whether it's feasible to prosecute militants captured on the battlefields of northern Syria, according to experts.

The reassurances followed a diplomatic storm caused by Trump's surprise announcement in December that appeared to signal a rapid withdrawal from Syria, where U.S. special forces play an important role in supporting local forces fighting IS.

The U.S. State Department had billed the speech at the American University in Cairo as the most complete remarks yet on U.S. priorities in the Mideast by Pompeo, who is on an eight-day tour of the region.

The base, which is close to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, is considered as a significant leverage against pro-Assad and Iranian forces in the area. "We won't be finally pulled out, until ISIS is gone". An appropriate disposition of those prisoners is a top priority, the official said.

SDF leaders threatened in recent weeks to release these prisoners because, they said, they were understaffed and due to the threat of possible Turkish attacks in the north. The US president was criticized for not meeting with any Iraqi officials and accused of flouting the nation's sovereignty.

The source also said Bolton had inquired about the state of negotiations between Turkey and Russian Federation over the post-US withdrawal.

Very soon, we will take action to neutralize terrorist organizations in Syria.

This is why Turkish officials urged their counterparts to uphold the already agreed Manbij roadmap and quickly remove YPG elements from Manbij and its military council accordingly. "I wish I were wrong", Rybakov continued in response to a question from Russian state media.

"There is an understanding between Turkey and Russian Federation about Manbij as well", he said.

He appeared to walk that back on Sunday.

AMMAN, Jordan-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an unannounced appearance in Iraq on Wednesday as part of a weeklong tour throughout the Middle East aimed at reassuring anxious USA allies and galvanizing them to take a larger role in the fight against ISIS and Iran, according to multiple US officials.

However, Mr Pompeo said Mr Erdogan had given assurances over the Syrian Kurds and added that the USA withdrawal plan was intact.

Almost 10 years ago, then-President Barack Obama delivered a landmark address at Cairo University in which he said he had come to Egypt seeking "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world".