Samsung Confirms Foldable Phone For First Half Of 2019

  • Samsung Confirms Foldable Phone For First Half Of 2019

Samsung Confirms Foldable Phone For First Half Of 2019

One of the newest features to be announced is the new "Family Board" and this is created to relate to family members on an individual level through the option for each family member to personalize the experience in their own way. Samsung in this year's CES shared some exciting new technology in the field of smart TVs, smart appliances, laptops, and robots. While it comes with a pen, the advanced Notebook 9 Pen connects to your mobile phone ecosystem and can maximize your Notebook 9 Pro experience.

Not much else has been said since, until today at CES when it was revealed that its coming in the first half of 2019.

The impact of Bixby built into home appliances can be seen in everything from the Family Hubs more personalized screen experience and expanded universe of voice-activated apps; to an intuitive AI-powered laundry assistant in Samsungs new front load washer which makes washing clothes the way you want infinitely more intuitive and easier. "When combined with our new Family Board, the Family Hub is the ideal combination of convenience and connectivity". The appliances are also fully compatible with the Samsung SmartThings smart home platform. The Digital Cockpit 2019 offers an enhanced connected vehicle experience focused on connectivity, personalization, and safety.

Notably, it enables drivers to remotely check their car's fuel levels before setting off on a long road trip and set the temperature before settling into the auto - ideal for hot days. Using onboard cameras, the new Digital Cockpit recognizes specific drivers and passengers and sets up the car's personal space accordingly - adjusting the display preferences, seat height, lighting, and queuing up favorite playlists.

Samsung has been working on its foldable smartphone since ages, but thankfully it finally has something to show for it. The Digital Cockpit 2019 also provides a safer driving experience with the mirror replacement vision system and camera-based safety solutions. However, completely folding the device will lead to a breakage.

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Samsungs connected living innovations will be available this spring.