Gordon Ramsay Slammed Over Sofia Vergara Interview

  • Gordon Ramsay Slammed Over Sofia Vergara Interview

Gordon Ramsay Slammed Over Sofia Vergara Interview

Gordon Ramsay has been slammed by fans for acting "inappropriate" towards Sofia Vergara in a resurfaced interview. Prior to the interview, a clip was aired showing Vergara eating an very bad dish cooked by Leno and screaming her displeasure to both men in her dressing room.

The video shows Vergara, one of the highest paid women in television, sitting between Ramsay and Leno. Towards the end, Gordon smacks Sofia on her thigh where she yells: "No!"

The latest display of shameless sexism comes from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

When the 46-year-old actress told the crowd that she never screams "in real life", Ramsay asked, "Only in the bedroom?" Ramsay then quips, "Really?"

Another wrote, "Sofia Vergara didn't deserve to be treated like this".

Vergara jokingly said, "You know what, that's ridiculous".

Leno then brings up a pledge the actress made that if "Modern Family" won an Emmy, she would run down Sunset Boulevard naked, to which she responds: "That's ridiculous, I can not run, I have bad knees".

Ramsay commented, "Knock yourself out".

The interview grew more uncomfortable as the conversation shifted to Vergara's vacation to Italy and Greece. After the screen flashes away from a pic of Vergara in a bikini to one of her eating pizza, the host exclaimed, "Go back to the other picture! You had a whole wedge in your mouth at one time?"

A visibly frustrated Vergara answers to audience's laughter, "Yes, yes, yes".

He continued the sexually suggestive line of remarks, "You just pick it up and stick it in".

Later in the clip, Vergara shares a Colombian dessert she brought with her on the show, which Ramsay quickly tells her tastes like "s-t fudge".

ET Canada has reached out to Ramsay's representatives for comment. While screaming at him, Ramsay bent over with his behind toward the star and then Vergara got up to mock hit him.

As the two guests continue to argue about whether Colombian or English cuisine is better, Ramsay hits Vergara on her upper leg. "That's all you eat".

In the video clip, Ramsay is shown mocking her accent, physically touching her and frequently speaking over the actress.

Watch the full clip below.