Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character DLC Roster Leaked

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character DLC Roster Leaked

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character DLC Roster Leaked

Ultimate was 2018's best selling game, which is no surprise considering it was the top pre-ordered game of 2018 too. But now, a leak revealed about the upcoming characters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate season pass, that number is going to go even higher. The Characters which are included in this leak are Doom Guy from DOOM, Steve from Minecraft, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and Erdrick from Dragon Quest. The leak itself dates back to a 5Channel post from around a month ago that suggested that Joker would be in the game and that Persona 5 R would be announced by Atlus, both of which came true. Ultimate where the show praised the game as being the best in the series but also called it out for having a laggy online experience. Costume changes of Anlucia from Dragon Quest X and the hero from Dragon Quest XI are also said to be available.

As for the other characters, Ryu Hayabusa's addition will help mark the 30th anniversary of the Ninja Gaiden series, and it's reported that a new Ninja Gaiden project is in the works. Doomguy's alternate skin would be based on Doom 64 while Steve's alternates include Alex and Master Chief. As for Doom's Doom Slayer or Doomguy as he's known, he would be revealed at E3 2019 along with Steve from Minecraft to promote Doom Eternal and Minecraft Dungeons respectively.

As is the case is with most leaks, we'd recommend taking this with a tonne of salt until we hear something official from Nintendo.

"I've been playing the Smash series for nearly 20 years, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Nintendo drops Super Smash Bros".

Along with Piranha Plant and Joker, the leak highlights some interesting new characters joining the Ultimate roster.

I for one am very pleased for Super Smash Bros. Each downloadable content (DLC) pack will be sold separately and contains a character, stage, and music.

The game got a 9/10 overall from Toonami with the only fault mentioned being that the online systems don't perform as well as players would hope in an online fighting game.

Thanks to renowned dataminer jam1garner, we have a pretty decent idea of the next characters we're going to see appearing in the roster in Smash Bros. on Switch.

Though not confirmed, we're expecting "Jack" to refer to Joker.