NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

New York City on Tuesday launched a $100-million U.S. health insurance program to cover 600,000 uninsured city residents, including those unable to afford coverage and people living in the United States illegally, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

In a statement to MSNBC, a spokesperson for the mayor clarified earlier reports indicating the plan will provide health insurance instead of care. "From this moment on in New York City, everyone is guaranteed the right to health care".

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro pointed out on Twitter, de Blasio's government estimates the plan will cost the city no more than $100 million per year - an amount that de Blasio says precludes having to raise taxes to cover the program.

When the reporter further pressed the mayor for an answer, de Blasio said, "We're first getting people health care".

'We have now, in New York City, a public health insurance option we're ready to make much bigger that can reach the hundreds of thousands that are right now not in any kind of health insurance'. "We recognize that obviously health care isn't just, in theory, a right; it's in practice a right".

Those services will include OB/GYN care, mental health care, pediatric care and more, de Blasio said.

When asked why New Yorkers should pay for the health care of undocumented immigrants or young invincibles, De Blasio said they already pay plenty when the community isn't healthy.

"We're going to guarantee healthcare for New Yorkers who need it". New Yorkers can access the program via the city's website or by calling 311.

"You know the national reality, the Republicans in Washington are trying to tear down healthcare, trying to tear down the universality of health care coverage, get rid of Obamacare". It will launch this summer and roll out geographically, starting in the Bronx. "For people who have the ability to pay, we'll be expecting that people pay what they can". "We want them to have primary care, we want them to have specialty care", De Blasio crowed in a press release, according to local media. Yes it should. Let me just make that clear at the outset. It's going to save us money down the line'. "He must stop abusing the middle class and treating us like his personal ATM".