Jake Gyllenhaal Confirms 'Spider-Man' Role in First Instagram Post

In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home, ' we are set to see Mysterio make his first big screen debut. But now at last, it seems we have confirmation, from the horse's (evil magician's) mouth.

The actor, who also debuted on Instagram a few hours ago, chose to make his first post on the social media platform about the Spider-Man role.

"I just realized I'm not playing Spider-Man", reads the caption.

The role will be the actor's first major part in a superhero blockbuster film. Rumours were rife that he would don the role of a villain in the movie and now, Jake has confirmed that he will be bringing the comic book character of Mysterio to life in the movie. "That's what it feels like when you're working". It's now unclear which incarnation of Mysterio Gyllenhaal will be portraying.

The character was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 back in June 1964.

Anyone who's seen "Avengers: Infinity War" knows (spoiler alert!) that several of Earth's mightiest heroes were turned to dust when Thanos (Josh Brolin) finally completed his gauntlet and snapped his fingers, effectively killing half of the inhabitants of the galaxy, including Spider-Man (Tom Holland). He is a special effects experts who uses his talents to commit crimes. Sony also posted a video showing off the new costumes, MCU Cosmic adds, but the studio had to remove the round patch placed under the right shoulder to avoid spoiling Avengers 4.