IPhone XR Clear Case released at Apple, at last

  • IPhone XR Clear Case released at Apple, at last

IPhone XR Clear Case released at Apple, at last

Now, in what might arguably represent the latest of Apple's struggles to jump-start new iPhone XS and XR sales, a report published this week by Bloomberg notes that the company reassigned several of its marketing staff from the individual projects they were working on, to focusing exclusively on iPhone marketing.

Given there are a variety of other clear cases available for Apple's colourful iPhone from third-party accessory makers, the price tag for the XR's official see-through enclosure is a tough sell. This effectively lowers the price of a new iPhone ... without Apple having to go through the embarrassment of actually lowering the price.

The new iPhone XR Clear Case will run users right around $40. While the XS and XS Max are flagships through and through, the XR is a slightly toned-down smartphone that Apple pitched as the iPhone for everyone.

Maybe $1,000 is too much?

No discounts on the iPhone XS, but Apple will give you more for an old iPhone. That's significantly lower than its otherwise substantial, yet lower than iPhone Xs, price of $749.

Apple is said to be ready to offer subsidies to operators to discount the iPhone XR in Japan.

Those of you that already have an iPhone XR, you've likely chosen one of the following phone colors: white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and (PRODUCT) RED.

After a month of use with the least expensive new iPhone, it is clear to me that it's likely the best new iPhone for most people, including me.

It seems that Apple is having a hard time forecasting what the demand for new iPhones will be, and is being forced to slash production orders as a result. As you'd expect, wireless charging will work through it without a hitch.