Here's How Trainer Battles Work in Pokémon GO

  • Here's How Trainer Battles Work in Pokémon GO

Here's How Trainer Battles Work in Pokémon GO

Specifically, Eurogamer asked about whether Pokemon Go had any plans to add other AI trainers to the game, such as characters from either the main series games or the Pokemon anime.

Pokémon Go's official Twitter account has finally confirmed that player vs player battles are coming to the popular mobile game at some point in December.

You'll be able to battle other trainers by entering their Trainer Code, but most will require you to be near them.

The battles are set to consist of two trainers with three Pocket Monsters each.

Unlike the other Pokemon games, the Trainer Battle is a real-time and fast-paced match, so don't expect to wait for your turn to attack. You get your Fast and Charged Attacks, and items like stardust and candy can be used before the battle. Both victor and loser get rewards, and each one has the same chance to get a particularly rare item: a Sinnoh Stone, which is used for evolving certain Gen 4 Pokemon. The Mercury News reports that potions and revives won't be usable during battle, but Pokemon will be restored to full health after it has ended. There's no dodging; instead, before your opponent uses a charge attack, you'll have the option to use a Protect shield to block it. The Great League has a 1,500 Max CP limit per Pokemon, Ultra League has a 2,500 Max CP limit, and Master League has no limitations. Trainer battles could be the feature that brings the biggest spike since release. Even if you're on the other side of the planet, you'll always be close enough to do battle with your closest friends.

Pokemon GO looks as though it will make battles enjoyable for everyone, even if you're a casual player rocking a team of sub-500 CP bug Pokemon. You can only battle with faraway friends you've been friends with for a while-specifically, you have to be Ultra Friends or above in Pokemon Go. While there's no limit to the number of battles per day, you're limited to three rewards per day when battling real people and one reward per day from the NPC battles. Today, a second announcement has gone more in-depth as to what form these battles will take.