‘Pretty Please!’ Google Assistant Can Now Teach Your Kids Manners

  • ‘Pretty Please!’ Google Assistant Can Now Teach Your Kids Manners

‘Pretty Please!’ Google Assistant Can Now Teach Your Kids Manners

In anticipation of the Christmas celebrations, Google has updated its Google Assistant with a bunch of useful features that will hopefully make the holiday experience more entertaining.

Google is updating its Assistant on Smart Speakers and other devices to prepare for the holidays.

The update brings a number of changes for Smart Display owners, including a faster way to set alarms by swiping up from the home screen, the ability to directly share Google Photos images with contacts, and Broadcast Replies (arriving next week). "Alright, 5 minutes. Starting now'".

The first update is the "Pretty Please" feature announced at Google I/O in May. If you celebrated Christmas as a kid, then chances are that a phone call with the big guy was right at the top of your bucket list. Similar to the Pretty Please feature, the notes and lists integration within the Google Assistant was announced at I/O 2018 earlier this year. It will only work on the Assistant for now, but Google said it will soon add support for list providers, including Keep, Any.do and Bring! It's sort of a tablet that you can talk to.

Yes, to take advantage of this karaoke-like feature you'll need to have a Google Play Music account. This is available starting today with select songs.

What's more, when you're out shopping, you can broadcast a message to your smart device back at home asking if there's anything else that's needed.

Klipsch has smartened up its The Three Heritage Wireless speaker by giving a new version of it Google Assistant voice control. If you don't feel like reading, Google can also do the work for you. Similarly, you can also hide a photo from your ambient screen or set a photo as favourite.

Last but certainly not least, Google Assistant can now "capture your thoughts and manage multiple lists in one central place".

You'll be able to call Santa, too, just by saying, "Hey Google, Call Santa".

They say life imitates art - and in this case, "art" is Smart House, the 1999 Disney Channel original movie about a family whose life is controlled by PAT, their home's artificially intelligent personal assistant. There are 50 titles to choose from including Beauty and the Beats, Cinderella and Dora's Super Sleepover. Say "Hey, Google, tell me a story".