Oracle veteran to take charge of Google Cloud

  • Oracle veteran to take charge of Google Cloud

Oracle veteran to take charge of Google Cloud

Greene, the current CEO of Google Cloud, will continue through January, working with Kurian to ensure a smooth transition and will remain a director on the board of Google's parent, Alphabet.

Her leadership of Google Cloud came under scrutiny this year when employees protested the company's pursuit of a Defense Department contract for the Maven program, which uses artificial intelligence to interpret video images and could be used to improve the targeting of drone strikes. In one example, sources said that Greene would attempt to make other Google business partnerships and advertising deals "contingent on a deal of some kind with the company's cloud unit"- including one with Salesforce.

Greene also alluded to the work that she and the team have been doing to bring on more enterprise customers. However, Greene meant to save her reputation, told that she joined Google three years ago with plans to leave after two years. The company retracted its bid for a multibillion cloud-computing contract with the Pentagon amid worker protests over Google's support for the USA military.

Greene is one of Google's most prominent female executives.

When Greene began as CEO, she was critical of Google's cloud product, saying it needed audit logs, improved security controls, peer-to-peer networking and compliance.

In her blog post, Greene praised her staff for boosting Google's business. "The cloud space is early and there is an enormous opportunity ahead", she said.

A member of Oracle's Executive Committee for 13 Years, he led 35,000-people software development team in 32 countries with an R&D budget of $4 billion.

Bloomberg reported at the time of Kurian's resignation (around late October, early November) that it had arisen from disagreements between him and Ellison. But he had a hard time transitioning the company to Cloud computing and Oracle struggled to gain much traction against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure.

Industry experts Kurian helped in the transformation of Oracle's products with introduction of leading suite of Cloud Services, led 60 software acquisitions and Oracle's 45 Cloud data centres. He'll now have a chance to try it again.

"Like Diane Greene, Kurian has serious enterprise chops", Koenig said.

Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research - who once worked alongside Kurian at Oracle - told Computerworld UK that the executive is a systematic leader and as such his first job will be to "sit down with a clean sheet of paper and look at the problem".