Little Mix release new album LM5

  • Little Mix release new album LM5

Little Mix release new album LM5

And pop group Little Mix have aligned themselves with women everywhere in a moving campaign for new single Strip.

Their idea was to strip the band's look right back and show the handsome features in a move that has been praised by fans. The signing event gives the band an opportunity to mark the next chapter in the Little Mix era by celebrating with their legion of loyal fans.

Another called the group "role models", writing: 'Strip is such an important song and video. sexiest when i'm confident.

'This is exactly the reason why little mix are such rolemodels!'

They captioned the image with lyrics from the track: "Take off all my makeup cos I love what's under it".

Thousands of other fans have also used the hashtag.

The group clearly know their market as they've dominated the charts with their smash hits since their X-factor fame in 2011.

They've also shared an accompanying snippet of their latest music video, Strip, which showcases real women and their bodies, in all their jiggling, dancing, attractive glory. Whereas when we do it, it's like, "Oh they're at it again, they're whining".

"You look so quirky", says Jade Thirlwall, one quarter of Little Mix, when we meet at the band's photoshoot in a London studio.

Mental health advocate and author Bryony Gordon stars in the clip alongside body positive muse Megan Jayne Crabbe.

'Strip is a turning point. You can tell the stuff that's come from us because of what we write about. We've all suffered from body confidence and negative comments, and up until now we didn't really have a song we felt addressed everything we needed to, ' added Jesy, while Perrie said: 'We just want women to feel equal and incredible.