Halifax postal workers end strike action, mail delivery to resume

  • Halifax postal workers end strike action, mail delivery to resume

Halifax postal workers end strike action, mail delivery to resume

"These offers simply aren't good enough, but we remain at the bargaining table and will continue to negotiate with Canada Post".

eBay wants Ottawa to legislate an end to the Canada Post contract dispute before the holiday shopping season kicks into high-gear.

The Crown corporation is offering a four-year deal that includes new job security provisions, a 10-million-dollar health and safety fund, annual two per cent wage hikes, plus signing bonuses of up to a thousand dollars per employee with a deadline for acceptance of Saturday. Canada Post has said that mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up in the impacted areas.

While many businesses have adapted as best they can to the strikes that began October 22, Stairs said adjustments online sellers have made so far to avoid delivery disruptions are unsustainable.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has warned his government will take unspecified action to end the rotating strikes if there is no significant progress in the negotiations. The offer comes after E-Bay intervened saying there is warning of huge losses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are annual shopping days known for their deep discounts, fall this year on November 23 and 26.

In a letter sent to Trudeau on Tuesday, eBay said the job actions will have a long-lasting and crippling effect on many small and micro-sized businesses that can't afford to pay for more expensive shipping alternatives.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) said there is some movement but major issues remain up in the air.

Canada Post said recent major shutdowns of parcel processing in Toronto and Vancouver have created a backlog of almost 500 tractor-trailer loads of parcels and packages that need to be sorted.

"At Gateway parcel processing plant in Toronto, we have now surpassed 260 trailers of parcels and packets waiting to be unloaded", Hamilton said in an email.

If the strike is still ongoing come next week, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales could see that number grow to an unprecedented amount.

The two sides have been negotiating for nearly a full year, with little success despite the assistance of government-appointed mediators.

The union has been calling for an end to forced overtime, equal benefits for rural and suburban mail carriers, better staffing to accommodate the growth in parcels, and better safety measures to prevent workplace injuries.