New Trailer, Poster Released for Dumbo Remake

  • New Trailer, Poster Released for Dumbo Remake

New Trailer, Poster Released for Dumbo Remake

Despite being a Disney film, the trailer confirms the film will have Tim Burton's trademark style stamped all over it and the director brings magical and surreal elements to the new version.

It wouldn't Disney's Dumbo unless the soul-destroying scene was included when Dumbo's mum is taken away from him but comforts him through her cage with only her trunk - I'm not crying, you are. And the fate of the flying elephant is as heartbreaking as you remember.

Burton previously directed the live-action Alice in Wonderland film for Disney, which was a massive box office hit.

This reimagining, which uses visual effects to portray the lovable elephant, sees Danny DeVito as the owner of a faltering circus.

The trailer for Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo film is here, and, as expected, it is. well, how do I put this? Colin Farrell, who seems to love Disney movies now, Michael Keaton, who makes a great villain, Danny DeVito, in a role he was born to play, and Eva Green, who won us over as Vesper Lynd in James Bond's Casino Royale.

Things take a turn for the worse when the enigmatic, money-oriented entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton) discovers Dumbo's talents, and makes it his mission to have Dumbo headline his new "entertainment venture" called Dreamland, which features such acts as the French trapeze artist Collette Marchant (Eva Green).

If you're in the mood to cry your eyes out today, here's a tip: watch the new Dumbo trailer. There are a lot of CGI backgrounds to be seen in this here trailer and I'm not entirely sold on the environment, but the tone of a genuine family film appears to be strong, and Farrell as a father figure is a big draw for me personally.