Ottawa Senators demand newspaper take Uber video down

  • Ottawa Senators demand newspaper take Uber video down

Ottawa Senators demand newspaper take Uber video down

The five-minute recording appears to have been captured in Phoenix last week and featured a number of prominent Sens players - including Matt Duchene, Chris Wideman, Thomas Chabot and Chris Tierney - poking fun at the team's current defensive and special-teams woes.

In the video, the driver is heard asking which team the guys play for, and Wideman, who is seated in the passenger seat, tells the driver the group plays for the Senators. "This is an important learning experience, and we will do better", the statement read. Video was subsequently posted to YouTube and Twitter for all to see.

Individual players have since spoken out affirming their support for Raymond and saying they're trying to put the saga behind them.

"We're not going to go any further comments than that".

The bulk of the conversation centres on the team's defensive woes - the Senators stand near the bottom of the league in terms of penalty-killing and are dead-last in shots allowed per game.

"Do you notice that when [Raymond] runs the video, if you actually do pay attention, he doesn't ever teach you anything?"

"From the bottom of my heart, expressing my apologies to Marty Raymond for my role and for what happened that night", Wideman said.

"Duchene later adds that he "(hasn't) paid attention in three weeks" during Raymond's meetings. We don't change anything, ever. "So why do we even have a meeting?" he said.

Uber also responded to the video Monday night.

"Privacy is all about control - the personal control of your information", said Cavoukian, adding it doesn't matter if the players were in the US or in Canada when they were recorded.

Other players that were seen on video getting out of the auto were defenseman Dylan DeMelo and winger Alex Formenton, who is no longer with the Senators after leaving to return to his junior club.

It is no secret that players talk about coaches and coaches talk about players and everyone is always talking about everyone else.We all know the intensity has especially been ramped up in Ottawa and if anything else, I took from this whole debacle that the Senators players are closer than I thought and they are banding together.which is something that had been questioned a bit. And in May, the wife of former captain Erik Karlsson filed an order of protection against Mike Hoffman's fiancee, claiming she had posted over 1,000 "negative and derogatory" comments about her on social media.

"Filming or recording passengers without their consent is totally unacceptable and if reported/detected we will investigate", he said. "In this specific case, we made efforts to have the video taken down".