Porsche 911 Completes Final Endurance Testing

  • Porsche 911 Completes Final Endurance Testing

Porsche 911 Completes Final Endurance Testing

Called the 992, Porsche has put out a teaser of this new-gen 911 showcasing it undergoing a new set of tests to prove that it is truly the ultimate sports vehicle.

The latest prototypes, which show both the Carrera and Carrera S, are nearly completely devoid of camouflage gear, and they also reveal most of the interior including a new digital dash. The models of the 2019 Porsche 911 have been tried in various atmosphere zones with temperature contrast being up to 85-degree Celsius.

Porsche says that every component of these cars has to perform as well at the end of testing as they did at the start. Porsche is also testing the new model around various race tracks, including the Nurburgring, as well as in dense traffic conditions.

The testing first focuses on Porsche's traditional core areas of expertise, such as the chassis and engine, which have been enhanced even further to heighten both performance and everyday use. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity must also be assessed as part of the strenuous testing phase.

Porsche says the new 911 is undergoing extreme tests in all conditions to ensure it carries tradition and comes in as the best 911 of all time. Endurance runs saw the new 911 test cars on China's roads in country-typical traffic situations and proved the fact that they can run reliably on different quality fuels. Several prototypes were driven around the Nardo track in Italy too, where "the focus is not only on top speed but also cooling and handling". The test vehicles reach the lowest point of their endurance run in Death Valley, which descends to around 90 metres below sea level; while the thin air on Mount Evans, Colorado - reaching heights of 4,300 metres - was the challenge for the biturbo charging and the fuel system.

The nextgeneration 911 has proved to be the auto of all times. In the gallery released by Porsche, it looks like the part of the vehicle that will be revealed last is the tail light cluster-these images have the ends of the full-width taillight strip still taped up.