FA appeals against decision to clear Mourinho of abusive language charge

  • FA appeals against decision to clear Mourinho of abusive language charge

FA appeals against decision to clear Mourinho of abusive language charge

Footage showed Mourinho making comments in Portuguese, at one point looking into a camera, as he headed towards the tunnel after the final whistle on October 6, leading to an FA charge for using abusive, insulting or improper language.

The Commission ruled against the FA, deciding that the context of the comment was important, and that the FA expert had failed to prove that the words Mourinho used were in themselves were abusive, insulting or improper.

However, the Portuguese manager is expected to take his seat on the touchline for Sunday's derby with Premier League champions and leaders Manchester City as the appeal hearing will not take place before the global break.

Jose Mourinho is still facing a touchline ban - after the FA launched an appeal against his unproven misconduct charge.

Mourinho had been under intense pressure heading into the Newcastle game at Old Trafford amid speculation he would be sacked as United had not won any of their four previous matches.

The Written Reasons for the Commission's decision have now been published - which the FA have chose to appeal - and they reveal that Mourinho did admit to swearing.

While the FA's language expert argued the Portuguese phrase "vao levar no cu, filhos da puta" translated to "f-- off you sons of bitches", Mourinho's expert argued that, in context, the 55-year-old meant "f-- yeah" or "hell yeah".

It was also taken into consideration that the game had ended in dramatic fashion with Alexis Sanchez scoring a stoppage-time victor after United had been 2-0 down at half time.

The United boss also claimed the words he used were inaudible and could only be understood by people with lip-reading skills and a deep expertise in Portuguese colloquialisms.

In this context, Mr Valente described that JM had just won a match which had been more hard than anticipated, after a hard start of the season in which he had been subjected to significant criticism in the media.

They asked Pedro Xavier, who is described as "an expert in the translation and interpretation of lip reading of colloquial Portuguese language" to study the clip of Mourinho and to offer an interpretation of the words said.