12 killed in shooting at California bar packed with college students

  • 12 killed in shooting at California bar packed with college students

12 killed in shooting at California bar packed with college students

Twelve people were killed and 23 more injured at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California on November 7 when David Ian Long, 28, opened fire before killing himself.

"It's a horrific scene in there", Dean said at a news conference early Thursday in the parking lot of the Borderline Bar & Grill.

"Ron was a hardworking, dedicated sheriff's sergeant who was totally committed", Mr Dean said.

Helus had been at the department for almost three decades, and was planning to retire within the next year, the sheriff said, choking back tears. He died a hero.

Police say 29-year-old Ian David Long fired randomly into a crowd at Borderline Bar and Grill in the town of Thousand Oaks before they suspect he died by suicide.

He said he has no doubt Helus' tactics at the scene "were sound when he went in". Dean said there was "blood everywhere" inside the bar. Witnesses said the shots sounded like they were coming from a semi-automatic weapon.

John Hedge, who was at the bar with his stepfather, told CNN affiliate KABC that he hit the ground after hearing three or four popping sounds.

When the shooting was over, 13 were dead, including the shooter who was found by responding officers.

"I can't tell you much about the shooter at this point", Kuredjian said.

Holden Harrah told CNN the gunman opened fire within seconds.

Thousand Oaks, one of the largest cities in Ventura County, is about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. "And that's what's really blowing my mind, it's a really safe area".

Taylor Von Molt, 21, said she was line dancing when she "heard what I thought was a balloon pop". People dropped to the floor and hid behind bar stools in stunned silence.

Officials said that shots were still being fired when the first officers arrived at the scene.

"He was somewhat irate, acting a little irrationally", Sheriff Dean said, but he said he was unaware of a PTSD or mental illness diagnosis.

Meek previously attended California Lutheran University. The Western-style bar hosts theme nights such as country, salsa and swing dancing.

The shooting Wednesday night took place during a college country night, according to Borderline's website.

"(He) said to her, "Hey I got to go handle a call.

People "dog-piled on top of each other" trying to hide in silence, she said.

He said he heard from people inside that they were hiding in toilets and the attic of the bar.

"A gentleman walked in the front door and shot the girl that was behind the counter".

"Before it happened it was just a normal Wednesday night, just having a good time and as soon as it all started, it just went to utter chaos real quick", Cole Knapp said.

Numerous people at the bar were local students, there to celebrate "College Country Night". Witnesses told the station some people broke windows to get out or smashed windows so others could flee.

Authorities say they found a handgun at the scene.