What's at stake in the U.S. mid-term elections

  • What's at stake in the U.S. mid-term elections

What's at stake in the U.S. mid-term elections

Likely House outcome: Democrats take control. The Democrats would need to win two more Senate seats to gain control of the Senate.

NPR and MPR News will provide live, up-to-the-minute results all night. We'll also have special coverage on the radio starting at 7 p.m. Stream it online here.

These figures may paint too rosy of a picture for the Democrats, however. Both Republicans and Democrats are energised.

"The message that I'm going to send is: We're not okay with the direction that this president is leading our country", said Rory Mabin, a 34-year-old Chicago resident who votes in every midterm election.

He noted that Republicans now hold 33 governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.

In the House, the Fox News Power Rankings reflect 29 "toss-up" races.

Republicans already hold the house in the Senate. Democrats need him to win if they hope to have any chance at taking over the Senate, as much of a long shot as it is for them to do that this cycle.

The incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is seen as vulnerable and may lose her seat to her Republican challenger Josh Hawley.

Here comes the first big wave of races - nearly 30 competitive House races, five competitive Senate races and seven big ones for governor. Many news organisations expressed near-certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, but this was not what the numbers themselves showed at the time.

- Minimum wage increases are on the ballot in two states.

The first national elections since Trump captured the White House in a stunning 2016 upset will be a referendum on the polarising Republican president and his hardline policies, and a test of whether Democrats can turn the energy of the liberal anti-Trump resistance into victories at the ballot box.

Heye says the challenge for a lot of Republicans is that what's good for GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill and what's good for the president aren't necessarily the same thing.

Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, also agreed. But it's enough to push the potential Democratic House majority to a more comfortable 10 to 15 seats. At the same time, Republican governors in Maryland and MA - traditionally blue states - look poised for easy re-election victories. Very high. In several states, there have been more early votes this year than there were total votes last time, in 2014. Instead of allowing the constituency to retain a natural mix, the ruling party (say Republicans) redraws the constituency map to pack most Democrats into one constituency, so that they can win the other four constituencies. In governors' races, Democrats have surprising opportunities in open seat contests in Kansas and South Dakota. Democrats are likely to flip the governor's mansion in MI, and are hoping to finally oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but that race is another true toss-up.

As the results begin to come in later in the day, Wolf said he's going to be closely watching the gubernatorial races.

Former President Barack Obama - on the campaign trail for the Democratic party - said earlier on Monday that "the character of our country is on the ballot".

Research Director at the Center for Responsive Politics stated that FEC data revealed that women and small donors fueled the Democratic 2018 midterm fundraising.

Facebook said it blocked 115 accounts for suspected "coordinated inauthentic behavior" linked to foreign groups attempting to interfere in Tuesday's USA midterm elections.

Georgia - Many will also be watching the race for governor in the southern state of Georgia.

About a half-hour later, he gave GOP Rep. Peter King a shout-out. The controversial lawmaker drew a rebuke last week from the head of the GOP committee tasked with electing Republicans to the Senate for his racially offensive comments and ties to white supremacist organizations. With the first polls not slated to close until 6 P.M. eastern, polling was the only indicators both parties had on Tuesday of their prospects. But the closeness of the toss-up races - Republican Sen.