Republicans Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott Win Big In Florida

DeSantis, justifiably, thumped his chest in victory. In the months leading up to the election, Gillum was projected to win the gubernatorial bid.

In the end, Trump's candidate won.

At the polls Tuesday, many voters said Trump's upset of Hillary Clinton and his support for DeSantis motivated them to cast ballots.

Gillum took the risky step early in his campaign of unveiling a plan to add $1 billion in education funding - by raising the corporate tax rate.

DeSantis, who has described himself as a "Teddy Roosevelt-Republican", is outspoken on environmental concerns.

Republicans put forth a candidate hand-picked by President Donald Trump.

It's not clear voters would have paid DeSantis much mind even if he had made opposition to the amendment a major issue.

Accordingly, Trump and race occupied the mind of almost every voter. "I'd like to say it, but not really".

Identity politics factored into this campaign in a way few expected before the August primary.

DeSantis will watch the returns Tuesday night in Orlando. Kamala Harris, all of whom campaigned in the state at Gillum's side. "I'm concerned about my community - that's why I vote".

Essentially, DeSantis' message became that if Gillum succeeded in securing more funding to provide healthcare to more people and give teachers a uniform raise, that would cost many others in the state dearly - both in jobs and taxes. He has ties to a radical far-left and anti-Semitic group, Dream Defenders, his mayoral office is under investigation by the FBI for corruption, and he has been criticized by DeSantis as anti-Israel and too liberal for the Sunshine State. The Mayor had vehemently denied being a "target".

DeSantis holds a bigger lead than Scott.

DeSantis called Gillum a "committed leftist ideologue". 'I voted for you, ' she reassured him, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

But DeSantis, who stepped down from his Northeast Florida congressional seat in September, said "a lot of our super voters have yet to vote", referring to loyal Republicans who have voted in the last three or four elections. "At least in this election". Adam Putman, DeSantis' opponent in the Republican primary, was arguably better-known and objectively better-funded. Gillum's campaign asserted that Gillum believed the tickets were reserved for him, but that he thought his brother paid for them.

GILLUM CONCEDES: The Dems blew this race when they nominated a scandal-plagued candidate this radical. The gubernatorial finalists in 2018 weren't supposed to be there in the first place.

And while polls nearly entirely showed Gillum ahead by some margin, even he dismissed them as junk science.

In this case, that appears to be right.

Gillum's past actions were scrutinized by the Florida Commission on Ethics.

"We could not be prouder of the way that we ran this race".

I'm credibly thankful for my family and their support.

He was joined by U.S. Sen. I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist, ' he said.

Gillum said he called DeSantis and congratulated him.

DeSantis stumbled out of the gate after winning the August 28 primary, telling Fox News that voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Gillum, who was Florida's first black nominee for governor.

Florida's more than 13 million registered voters are choosing a new governor and voting on a pivotal U.S. Senate contest.