Georgia school probes racist slur displayed by marching band

  • Georgia school probes racist slur displayed by marching band

Georgia school probes racist slur displayed by marching band

In a letter to parents, principal William Bo Ford Jr., said the band director was not on the field when the band took position due a "very busy senior night" that had "several personnel challenges", according to the Ledger-Enquirer. On Friday, however, some of the letters appeared rearranged and spelled out an anti-black slur.

They swapped around letters - not normally seen during performances, because they muffle the instruments - that spell out the name of the school's team, the Broncos.

The Associated Press said it happened during a half-time show. "However, they acknowledged that they knew this racist term was not acceptable".

"Not only was the appearance of this term during our halftime show hurtful and disrespectful to audience members, it also was disappointing, as it does not reflect the standards and beliefs of our school and community", his statement continued.

The students involved will now be disciplined and the high school's halftime procedures will be reviewed, Ford said. During the halftime show, band members took to the field, and members of the sousaphone section chose to play a senior prank.

The sousaphone is a large horn instrument that wraps around the player. "Our band does not wear these covers on the field because they shield the sound and because during the halftime show our band members move around the field and do not stand in the same order as they do in the stands", the principal wrote.

The band members normally use the covers to spell the word Broncos, the name of the school's mascot - but stood in a different order on objective as part of a senior prank.

"I want them expelled".

"You're bold enough on senior night, that means your parents your grandparents are're bold enough to spell those words and stay there long enough to have everyone take pictures?"

One mother, Shawn Myers, said she was appalled and "will not stop" until the culprits are expelled.

She added: "It isn't a raccoon".