Crashed Lion Air jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last 4 flights

  • Crashed Lion Air jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last 4 flights

Crashed Lion Air jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last 4 flights

Indonesian officials said they have downloaded the data from a black box recorder for Lion Air flight 610 which crashed into Java sea last week while at least 105 body bags containing parts of passengers have been handed to the national police hospital in Jakarta for identification.

Indonesian accident investigators said an airspeed indicator of a Boeing Co 737 MAX plane that crashed last week was damaged for its last four flights, but United States authorities responded cautiously to suggestions of fleet-wide checks.

Tjahjono and investigator Nurcahyo Utomo told a news conference on Monday that the problem was similar on each of the four flights, including the fatal flight on October 29 that killed all 189 people on board.

Erratic speed and altitude on the plane's previous flight, from Denpasar on Bali to Jakarta, were widely reported and "when we opened the black box, yes indeed the technical problem was the airspeed or the speed of the plane", Tjahjono told reporters.

"We will leave the investigation of the accident to KNKT", he said, referring to the Indonesian transportation safety committee.

Boeing did not respond to a request for a comment by CNN.

In a modern jet like the Boeing Max 8 that crashed, readings from airspeed sensors are processed by a computerized "flight management system" and sent to displays in the cockpit.

"I'm still of the opinion that losing airspeed on the airplane shouldn't result in losing the airplane", Cox said.

On that flight, the plane had erroneous speed and altitude data and went into a wild dive making passengers sick. The audio device may be crucial to unraveling what happened during the flight's final moments. The Oct. 29 Lion Air flight took off in good weather.

Lion Air flight JT610 plummeted into the Java Sea just 13 minutes after taking off from the country's capital Jakarta last Monday. If malfunctions continue to occur on a component and routine maintenance procedures don't solve it, airlines are supposed to have a process to bring greater scrutiny to the issue, Cox said.

The "ping" from the cockpit voice recorder was located Saturday but the signal was lost yesterday as the divers battled strong currents and murky water.

With the data recorder in the hands of investigators, the NTSC has recovered about 69 hours of flying data by the crashed jet during its last 19 trips. "This is what we do not know yet and we will find it out", he said. However, the Times noted, there has been no evidence of widespread problems with airspeed indicators in the Max 8 fleet. One of the more than 100 divers working at the crash site has died, CNN reported.

Data from the black box of Lion Air Flight 610 has confirmed problems with the plane's airspeed indicator.

In addition, aviation regulators such as the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency often follow such actions by mandating that carriers follow the bulletins.

Mr. Tjahjono said the large amount of small debris and the relatively small area the debris was found in showed the plane hit the water at a very high speed.